Bezel is a 2D side scrolling action RPG highly focused on exploration and character customization, set in a fantasy world where gods fight for freedom and power.

The game is currently under development and targeted for release on PC, Mac & Linux.

As a storm strucks a passenger ship, you find yourself on an uncharted island being ravaged by monsters and wild animals. As you pursue any ways of leaving this place, you find that is more than water that’s preventing your escape, as an ancient force, and destiny itself holds tight bonds between you, and the heart of the island.

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Bezel features a deep character customization system focusing in allowing you to play the game as you most like.

Choose from an extensive number of character features, from male to female, and from hair to skin color.
Make your hero look just like you want it to, make it wear whatever suits you. Every piece of equipment you acquire is reflected upon the looks of your character. Would you rather use light tunics over heavy armors? It’s up to you!

Over 14 weapon types, including swords, axes, magic orbs, spears, books, staves, whips, maces, knuckles, guns, and more! Each and every one of them with their own features, including range, attack speed, damage output, and, who knows? They might even hold some other secrets too!


Tons of spells! From buffs that will bust your status, to devastating magic to reduce your enemies to dust. Furthermore, the spell fusion system lets you fuse magic scrolls, not only allowing you to level up the spells you like, but also create new and more versatile sorcery for you to cast!

The Feat system allows you to adjust the gameplay to your own play style, adding further customization of your character. As you level up and increase your status, your character learns new abilities which might fasten navigation, or even give you the edge of battle. Some Feat types allow you to better move on air, others give you better maneuvers on the ground, others enhance your capabilities while others let you explore new areas previously unreachable. You may even learn moves from your enemies!


You want a spear fighting sorceress? You have it.
What about a monk, with demolishing fists to purge the souls of the damned?
And how about an axe wielding magical vampire which flies on thin air, who at the same time can shoot you with a gun and throw fireballs onto his enemies while freezing them, and then teleports back home just in time to blood suck some other victim?


Share the perils of your journey with a cast of fleshed out characters, which will help you during your travel, while others might be plotting against you…

Shop for spells, weapons, armor, or if you’re feeling adventurous, hunt for them!
Explore an open world full of huge areas filled with treasures and secrets, fighting your way through monster infested dungeons! Over 60 unique enemies and powerful bosses are lurking in the shadows waiting to be discovered, but little of them want to be annihilated (Just warning you). No, no palette swaps.


Uncover a story of thousand years involving gods, humans, treason and ambition. Collect files to uncover the truth that’s binding the people to a never ending loop of chaos and destruction.
You hold the key, your choices and actions affect the flow of the game!
Break the chains!

Can you get free from the clutches of fate before the day of reckoning repeats?

Graphics shown in the images made by Ignace.