Greenlight campaign and playable demo!

After weeks of working long hours, preparing the demo and trailer, we’re finally ready to publish Trials of Azra on Steam Greenlight. So please, take a look at the page and drop a ‘Yes’ vote to help us get on Steam!

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But instead of just reading about the game, now you can play it and tell us what you think.
Download the demo from our IndieDB downloads page:

Trials of Azra – Demo downloads

The demo features pieces of 3 different areas of the game, resulting in a duration of roughly 30 minutes ~ 1 hour for new players.

You can play it by yourself, or even with a friend if you’ve got at least one xbox 360 controller (one plays with the controller and the other on the keyboard, you can check the controller scheme at the pause menu).

We highly recommend using a controller to play. If you don’t have an xbox 360 one, you can always emulate it.

Also, this version of the demo supports both English and Spanish languages (selectable from in-game settings).

Not much left to say. Download the demo, have fun with the game, and if you liked it don’t forget to vote, so we can get on Steam and give you the full experience!

Vote for us!