New Project! Trials of Azra

Hey there, it’s been a long time.

To cut to the chase, I’m a bit sad to tell you that our team got reduced (from 3 to 2 people), and our project Bezel had to be cancelled for the time being.

The truth is, and took us long to accept, that it was too ambitious for a first project, and for such a small team. Although we do wish to bring it back to life in the future.

That being said, it’s time for us to introduce you to our (not too ambitious, but still cool) new project!

logo tentativo web

It’s a 2d puzzle platformer in which you control a boy who finds himself locked up in a strange castle, with a strange guide that (kind of?) helps him along increasingly difficult rooms with puzzles he’s got to solve in order to move on. So, what makes it special? Well, after you kill an enemy, you can control its corpse!

So, there are enemies with abilities different from yours, and you’ll have to help yourself with their corpses to reach places, trigger switches, kill other enemies, deactivate some traps, lots of possibilities!

The game will support local multiplayer too!

In single player mode, you can only control either the boy or the corpse, one at a time. But if you have a buddy, tell him or her to grab a controller and that won’t be the case anymore!

There’s much more to say about this project, which we started developing about 3 months ago, but I’ll save it for another day, I just wanted to introduce it for now.

But hey, look at some of the characters!


And this screenshot of Sam in his backyard… he’s got no idea of what’s about to happen…

zoom3 1440x900