Siege Commander – Free strategy game on Google Play!


Hello there! Haven’t updated for a while. We want you to know that we keep working on Bezel, and will continue to do so until its long-awaited release.

In the meantime, I (Bruno) have been working on a side-project on a game named Siege Commander. It was released on Google Play and will possibly come out on the Apple AppStore soon!

Siege Commander is an easy to play (but hard to master) strategy game.


Each player builds a roster of units before the game starts. Then, when it’s time for battle, each player gathers gold, and send those units to the field, with the goal of destroying the enemy base.

It features both single player missions and real-time multiplayer online.


You can unlock new units using Onions, our in-game currency!

The Onions are obtained by playing missions, multiplayer arena, or by in-app purchases.

Desktop 6-23-2015 6-46-52 PM-344Different unit combinations open up a lot of game strategies!

Follow this link to try it out for free, and please leave a review if you liked it!

Any feedback or suggestions for upcoming updates are welcome too!