Trials of Azra full version is launching TODAY

Finally, the launch day has come, after almost 2 years of work (of a 2-person team), we proudly present Trials of Azra on Steam.

As a countdown method, we put the game’s introduction on separate gifs and posted them on several social networks, one for each day, from 5 to 1.

(Sam is playing fetch with his dog Levi)

(A storm is coming, Levi is upset about something)

(Levi met a terrible fate. Sam controls him and opens the door)

(Sam struggles against the wind to reach safety)

(Sam is sucked into a mysterious hole and wakes up in a strange place)

That is roughly the sequence that gives place to Sam learning of his powers and beginning his adventure, in a castle full of ‘trials’ that will challenge his wits and skills.

We also made some changes in the trailer for the full release:

If you liked the article, check out the game on Steam:

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