Trials of Azra – Mega Update!


We’ve been working hard on Trials of Azra’s mechanics and content, and feel that the time is right to unveil some of its features.

Let’s take a look at the core mechanics. And what better way to show them than with a GIF?

You are looking at Sam defeating a pretty big ugly rat, then controlling its body and activating the switches to open the doors for him.

Once you control an enemy, you can switch back and forth between it and Sam. This ends either when the controlled enemy dies, or you start controlling another enemy (you can control just once at a time).

Some will be delighted to know that we have implemented local co-op, which will probably (if you and your buddy get along) make things a little faster. I don’t want to say ‘easier’ because now there are 2 players who can mess up a puzzle or get killed by a deadly trap!

Again, GIFs make everything better 🙂

See the difference?

The moment you start controlling the rat, it becomes the second player’s responsibility, while the first player keeps moving Sam.

In case you’re wondering about the difficulty, the GIFs above show the very first level of the game (besides a previous tutorial level). We plan on adding complexity to the puzzles as the player advances and learns about different enemies, devices and traps, reaching a point where it will be necessary to use all (or most) of the adquired knowledge to solve big and challenging puzzles.

There is also the action side of the game, when it comes to fight the enemies you want to control.

And again, it will probably be a good idea to grab a buddy to help you fight. Although, when the controlled enemy dies, Sam takes damage too (because of the mind being linked to the body or something like that).

Moving on, you’ll find that some devices interact with all kinds of enemies, like the floor switches. But other situations require to use the right enemy in the right place. Some examples, a big fat dude breaking some walls with it’s giant mace, a ghost that can move through walls, a stone golem Sam can ride to cross a path filled with deadly spikes.

I don’t want to give away so much right now, because part of the game is finding out how to use each enemy to solve what’s at hand…

But I know you LOVE my GIFs. Let’s face it, you can’t deal with that fact, and I just can’t help it.

Seriously, I should stop.

Other feature worth mentioning is the AI. While some enemies like to just randomly roam around the room, others have unique attack patterns, so it would be wise to approach them carefully.

And I have been using the ‘E’ word too much, but actually, you’ll find that not all characters are hostile. Some of them, like this cute orange thing, are just fascinated by Sam and want to follow him everywhere. Of course, if you damage them, they’ll probably run away scared and heart broken.

Also… mixing them with fire might not be a good idea (or is it?)

I can’t say… But do try to keep an eye on a water source, ok?

Oh, about Sam… Is he a regular kid?

Well, I will not tell much about that, because you’ll learn about him as the game progresses.

I can tell you (as shown in some of the GIFs) he can use magic, and that’s the main way to deal with his foes. And there are different spells to learn that can make his journey a bit easier, if used properly. Spells consume mana, so keep an eye on that blue bar.

Health and mana regenerate with food. Sometimes food can be found served on a table, but really, is there anything better than eating it straight from the floor of a room inhabited by giant rats? I THINK NOT!

Last but not least, Trials of Azra will feature… *drumrolls*


Aside from just fighting, all boss stages contain a way to make them weaker, so use your head!

That’s all for today. I think I covered most of the important aspects of our upcoming game.

Alejandro and I are putting together a public playable demo, and we will let you know as soon it’s available.

Feel free to follow us on twitter and facebook and be the first to play it!